Michael Werer, September 24, 1934

I, Michael Werer residing at 824 Worden Avenue do depose and say that I was persononaly acquainted with the late Gustave Whitehead and was associated (or employed by) with him during his experiments with heavier than air flying machines.

On about September or Ocotber 1901 I was present on the occasion when Mr. Whitehead succeeded in flying his machine propelled by motor, on a flight of about 400 feet distance, at about six feet off the ground, for a length of time approximating half minute.

The type of machine used by Mr. Whltehead was a folding wing monoplane.

This flight took place in ___Hill Road, near Mountain Grove Cementery, Bridgeport, Connecticut


Subacribed to and sworn to before me this 24th day of September, 1934

January 3, 1936

Bridgeport, Conn