John Lesko, Saturday, January 4, 1936

January 4, 1936

John Lesko, conducting buslneaa at 528 Huncocic Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut, declare the following to be fact to of mybest of ray knowledge and belief!

I recall very distinctly the work of Guatave tottehead

airplanes in the period 1900 to 1905 when he lived on ,ne Street. He started at one time to build a runway of con- gte In the vicinity of the present St. 3tephen'a School. c family usedto have a restaurant and an old horse and wagon. "ny a time we used the horse to pull the "bird" as Mr. Whitehe ""lied his machine, to give It a start. He never finished the

unay because he could not get permission from the owner of the r nd to use it. Many times the children of the community would 'n out and lend a hand to give the "bird" a start.

Mr. Whitehead flew his folding winged plane in August, 1908 „„ Fairfleld Avenue, and again a little later at Gypsy Spring. CTpay Spring was a part with a steep hill that would give the plane , good start. Mr. Whitehead used to construct the planes as gilder first, then put motors Into them.

Junlos Harworth should remember well about the planes, he ,a9 in many a "scrape". Once he started the propellers down in the meadows. He could not see ahead, and crashed over the dyk». Barworth slid about a hundred feet before he stopped.

Once Khitehead tested a'motor in a boat, but could not stop the engine. The Ignition and oarburator pulled loose and there was no vay to shut off the motor. There were four men in the boat. »r. Whitehead shouted, "Hold on, we are going ashore." And we did.

Mr. Whitehead used to make his own motors. He would go to the shop and get a solid block of iron and go home and construct the motor from it. He used to get this material from the shop which I? now the Heppenstal Company.

Sworn to before me this