Anton Pruckner, Sunday, January 5, 1936

January 5, 1936

Bridgeport, Conn., I, Anton Pruckner, residing at 79 Scofleld Avenue, /declare the following to be fact to the best of my knowledge and belief;

Picture So. 32, showing boatshaped plane with propellers on either side, a group of four men In the foreground with steam motor on the/ground before them, was taken on the then vacant lot on Cherry Street across from the Wllmot and Hobbs .Company (now the American Tube and Stamping Company) where later a small shop was built In which Gustave Whitehead pursued his construction of airplanes. It was at this shop that he was visited on several occasions by the Wright Brothers, Orvllle and Wllbur, during the period between 1900 and 1903. I believe the tine of their visits was actually prior to 1902 because I left Bridgeport for two years, going some- time In 1902. TIpon my return I again worked with Gustave Whitehead at times with his experiments. Picturello. 25 shows the shop which was constructed on Cherry street where the Weight Brothers visited.

The folding winged planes shown In pictures Ho. 2 to Mo. 2-C were the ones In which we tried out the gunpowder engines. Mr. Whitehead cranked the engine and I ran. I heard It puff and puff, then all was quiet, we thought nothing was going to occur, when all at once there was a terrific explosion. The engine was too dangerous and we gave up trying It. These planes were built on Pine Street.

The engine pictured In No. 4 was corB trucked about 1903.

Picture HO. 6 displaying a man In a gilder, does not appear to be Mr. Whitehead.

Picture Ho. 11 belongs to a period earlier than 1901, but I do not know Just when.

The engines with copper wound upon them to Irradiate heat, Hos. 5, 5-A, and 37, were constructed about 1902. No.37 was earlier than the three cylinder engines. They were not very sucoessful In the airplanes and Mr. Whitehead sold them.

Ho. 2-c shows an automobile towing a plane. MacDonald, I believe.

The car la a T. B.

Ko. 9 and M. 9-B flew, flights, straight ones,


but not over the Sound. over the ground.

Sworn to before me this

They ware used In